From The Sketchbook; Undone

Throughout my career as an artist, there have been some pieces that for one reason or another, I just never completed. Thinking on it recently, and looking over some of these pieces put by the wayside, I see value in them. I learned some things from them, some nuance, how I felt a line here or there was good the way I handled it in that particular instance. And even though at the time I chose not to complete them, they don’t look bad, in their unfinished, almost forgotten way. So here, I give you; “From The Sketchbook Undone.”

Just a couple of parrots, from a class I taught.

She looks like a “Cassandra”.

I actually did finish this one, but I kind of like it unfinished as well.

I had all intentions of colorizing this…

A “study” I may someday paint, or not…


I would still like to complete the above sketch. It’s a sweet moment of my younger daughter and one of my grand daughters, playing with Faerie wings at a local farm where they had put out things for the kids to play with. They had set up doors with plants and flowers on them in a small grassy area. It’s a sweet memory, and I know it would make a nice painting. But again, I still like the unfinished sketch, where I feel I had captured the moment well, and was happy with the results.

And just a guy on his bike, heheh

I hope you enjoyed this, another peek into my sketchbooks. Have a great week, see you next time!

10 thoughts on “From The Sketchbook; Undone

  1. This is a really good idea, appreciating the ‘undone’ and the unfinished rather than discarding them because they still hold such value, especially the faerie one. Perhaps you could photocopy it so you always have a copy of the original unfinished version you love, if you do then decide to complete it? xx


  2. Thank you! It was a fun drawing to do with the kids. (I had made copies of it, with no color yet, then taught them some Color Pencil techniques.)


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