Today’s pOp or Public Opinion Poll

I say ‘Today’s pOp’ even though I’m pretty sure this won’t be a daily thing, but it sounds good, heheh. It will probably more of a weekly or by-weekly thing. OK, in my quest to figure out where my art, and therefore this blog is heading, I have decided that one thing I’d like to do is to expand this blog into making it interactive. So I give you the “pOp”.

Ready here we go: In your opinion, which of my blog posts here on oMordah, the Art of Susan M.L.Moore, have you found to be the most enjoyable, interesting, or meaningful?

This is an informal poll but in the future, for each pOp, I will send a small piece of my artwork to a random person for providing an email and participating in the pOp. (I have to figure out the logistics on this.) But I think it will be a way to better get to know each other and have some fun.

“Table Rocks Brilliance”
I did a quick pOp on a name for the above abstract painting, I combined two to the choices I received; “Table Rocks Meditation” from Michael D, and “Brilliance” from Mary Ellen S-D. Thanks guys!

I also hope to begin working on some short tutorials in regards to different art styles and an art challenge.

OK, Go!

4 thoughts on “Today’s pOp or Public Opinion Poll

  1. Oooo this sounds fun! Very kind of you to offer to send a small piece of artwork to someone for this as well, what a lovely way to share the love. But I don’t know how I’d choose a post – Did I tell you I’m painfully indecisive? 😂 Can I go for type of content rather than a specific post? I like the personal updates, like you exploring your thoughts and feelings on a subject, such as recently with your work and the ideas you get that take you into different directions. I also like seeing your artwork, perhaps seeing a bit of a step by step process and reading your thoughts on how you came to doing it, what your inspiration was.
    Caz xx

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  2. You’re welcome, though I don’t know that it helped you at all 😂 I just realised it says this was posted on May 23rd, so I’m rather late – this was one of the posts I missed because I was in the hospital, hence the delay in catching up and reading it! Ooops xx


  3. Oh, I hope you’re doing well now. I’m lagging on posts right now anyway. 🙂


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