My Life As An Artist

Hi, I’m Susan, and welcome to my site!

My earliest and happiest memories as an artist are the times I’d spend at my grandmother’s farm (it belonged to both of my grandparents; but for some reason it was always “we’re going to Gram’s”, which I think says a lot about her). I remember climbing the hill behind the small farmhouse in the spring—the ground’s golden scrub grass, and the flat rocks that would poke just above. They made the perfect place to sit and draw. I would always have a pencil, paper and maybe some crayons with me. I’d sketch the little farmhouse below, the crooked fence, the chickens, and even the horses; Buster and Jenny.

I don’t have any of those drawings … I imagine they were typical of a four year old. But I’ll always remember the act of drawing. It was a part of me. Since then, wherever life’s winds have blown me, art has been my constant. Through deaths, births, many moves, working; all of it. I always found a corner, a moment to fit it in (sometimes to the aggravation of others).

My father drew a bit as well, and was always very encouraging and proud. From sketching buildings on road trips, and even when I had to be told in school not to draw in my notebooks, he backed me up. Every artist needs someone like this, and I am eternally grateful for the short time I had with him. He inspired me to see the world through an artist’s eyes.

I’ve gone from sketching with pencil and ink, to colored pencil, oils and acrylics. I’ve done portraits of people, animals, and everything in between. Alongside gallery showings, my paintings adorn the walls of apartment complexes as well as the homes of others. I’m mostly self-taught and am always learning something new, from techniques to using new mediums.

One of the most rewarding things about my life as an artist is knowing that my work—a piece of me—is out there. It’s in the homes of family members, in businesses, and in the homes of strangers throughout the states—and even as far away as Tibet! And now through the wonder of technology, my work can be seen and enjoyed by many more than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve also had the honor and pleasure to have taught classes for all ages, as well as conducted a class in colored pencil technique for other teachers to use during their own classes.

I am very grateful to you for supporting artists and for visiting my page!