Rising From The Ashes

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you’d know that I have been working on a few paintings to raise money for the animals, and fauna impacted by the fires in Australia, as well as for elephant sanctuaries. Progress on this endeavor has been slower than I had hoped, due to unforeseen personal things, as well as non stop nonsense at the job I have to go to in order to pay bills.

I’m happy to say that I have managed to finish these paintings. The first, for the animals of Australia, I’ve done in a fantasy style and titled this piece, “Rising From The Ashes, Hope For Australia”. The image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes saving the animals from the fire came to me and depicted well what I wish for them.

Currently I have had 3 8″x 10″ prints, 8 4″x 5.3″ prints, and 1 16″x 20″ poster made. (The poster looks especially good!) I have not as yet set them up for sale, but hope to do so in the next week or so. The proceeds from this, excluding shipping, will go to helping the wildlife and / or revitalization of their habitat in Australia. I am researching the best organizations to send it to at this time. When this is all set, I will let everyone know prices, and the organization that will be receiving the funds.

The second painting is of a mother elephant with her young calf. I believe that elephants are the closest to our own species when it comes to intelligence, emotions, loyalty, and familial love. And in many cases, surpass many humans.

Again I’ll be having prints made of this piece as well and the proceeds (excluding shipping costs), will go to an elephant sanctuary. (The prints of course, will not have the watermark across them). I may also add a free small card photo of one of these paintings, either as an artist’s trading card or postcard size with each order.

I hope you will purchase one of these works to help these amazing and priceless animals of our world. Thank you, see you next time!