“Isaiah At The Waterfall”
“Story Time”
“Grace Under Pressure”
“Beautiful Son” acrylic on canvas 2’x3′
“Spring Thaw on The River” 8″x8″ acrylic on archival canvas
Daily challenge, “A Turtle For Shiloh” acrylic on archival canvas 8″x8″ nfs
“Arizona Sky” 13’x9 3/4″ acrylic on paperboard


“Walking Kota” oil on archival paper 9″x12″
“Crystal Star Cave Explosion”
acrylic on art board




1999 and earlier

Other works


Color Marker Pen On Paper 1975

12 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Susan, I am the arts editor at
    I was wondering if you’d be interested in showcasing a sample of your work exclusive to our blog not published elsewhere ?
    Matt Snyder
    artist at as well

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  2. Hi Matt, thank you, this sounds great. However I have showcased pretty much all of my work on my WP blog. Would that be an issue? Allso, I would need to know what this entails, as I retain all rights to my work. Thanks again!


  3. Hey, Susan… Can sense the artist in your work… joy, success, failure, progress et al… It is a journey, as you know… Like your early colored pencil portraits best… You see and capture your subject’s mood… Would like to see some oil portraits… Think you have a real talent there… One of my favorite portraitists is John Singer Sargent… His brushwork is powerful… looks effortless… making parts of his paintings almost abstract… supporting his purpose… Still Life paintings are another category to explore… Shapes, Things that have meaning, relationships, or no connection at all, composition, palette, light, shadow et al… We can never be at a loss of evolving our art… Keep up your journey!!… Best, Tom

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  4. Thanks! If you go to my Etsy site, ( ) I have some of my oil paintings there. Thanks again for your kind words!


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